What – or who – is The Innocent Bikestander?

It’s the cyclist that most of us are. Those who commute or ride for fun, or because it’s handy or because they don’t own a car or a myriad of other reasons, and yet quietly swear under their breath that things could be better. Infrastructure can be improved and more people can be encouraged to ride.

This is for all the people who know intrinsically that things can be different but might not know the language of describing how.

For too long, the car has been king, and yet we see in cities around the world that pedestrians and cyclists are biting back, and demanding better paths, access and – most radically – completely car free spaces.

As for me, I am one of these cyclists. I am an innocent bikestander.



  1. I really like the reasons you give for what inspires you to ride a bicycle, and I relate to them 100%. Unfortunately my observations as a bike rider differ to yours. It still seems to me that the majority of riders are caught up in unfortunate motivations, such as competitiveness and status.
    There are lovely little sub-cultures in the inner suburbs where riders are happy to dag around in non-lycra gear, and wave and smile to our fellow riders as we ride past each other. But generally in Australia when we jump on a bike, there is a strange inclination to first don an expensive “logoed” uniform and then race to the next red light. Luckily most other countries seem to have avoided this tendency, and hopefully we’ll continue to be influenced by them.
    Congratulations on a great site!
    Cheers, Ian Barralet


    1. Thank you so much for you kind words, Ian. We are certainly on the same page when it comes to not really gelling with ‘logoed’ folk. I just want to have Melbourne (including the ‘burbs) built according to the 8-80 rule: if an 8 year old can ride on it and an 80 year old can ride on it, and all the ages in between, then, you have bike friendly infrastructure. I have no desire for competitiveness or racing to the next red light or anything like that. I just want to ride my bike and want others to feel safe when they do the same. Really, it’s that simple.

      Your drawings/architectural designs are spectacularly beautiful, by the way, and anyone reading this would be well served by following your blog.
      The Innocent Bikestander.


      1. Many thanks, Innocent. I really like the 8-80 rule. It helps people to remember the big picture when there’s the danger of getting caught up in all the bureaucratic concerns.

        Cheers, Ian


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