Month: May 2014

8 jackets: tested and rated

8 riding jackets, tested. Nice.

Ride On

From a light drizzle to a full-blown deluge, there’s a rain jacket perfect for any wet-weather riding, explains Iain Treloar


Jackets are a tricky item of clothing to get right. Compared to the low expectations we have of jerseys, knicks or baselayers, jackets need to perform well when the weather is at its worst, but still need to be comfortable in better conditions. It can be a complicated balancing act for manufacturers to find the correct often-contradictory combination of water-resistance, wind-resistance, breathability and compact dimensions, and in the end, a jacket purchase almost always ends up being a compromise in one area or another.

There are a vast amount of different fabrics out there and it’s easy to get lost in the marketing technobabble when researching your next jacket purchase. So here’s my advice: when comparing jackets with waterproofing as a primary goal, check for things like sealed or…

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