You Have to Start Somewhere

So, here’s my little blog.

Like most blogs, I suspect it will become a rant, but I’m hoping that what this blog will really be will be an informative page about bike riding and planning in an urban environment and how the two currently work, how they don’t and how they could. I visualise a rich world, where people cycle and slow down, because they can, because the infrastructure is provided regardless of whether you are an 80 year old or an 8 year old. I believe it was Jan Gehl (my hero) who said that if roads can only be ridden on a push bike by brave young people, it doesn’t work.

I agree.

There is much to do. We have a climate that is retaliating. We have an obesity problem and other co-morbidity issues in most Western countries that are spiralling out of control. We have an addiction to sugar and fat in proportions that is almost comical (it would be funny if it wasn’t actually killing us), and our addiction to the car is similarly not a pretty one. We need to change and we can change.

But to survive, we must change.

The genesis of my enthusiasm is tied to this little film:

Watch it, and you may just want to do things differently too.


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